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Slips and trips are the predominant cause of major workplace injuries. Some 95% of major slips result in broken bones and other accidents such as falls.

FM Restoration realise that slips and trips are serious, and our simple cost effective anti-slip measures can reduce such accidents.

Here are some statistics to further show how significant anti-slip measures can be for reducing incidents within the workplace:

  • 33% of all reported major injuries
  • 20% of over-3-day injuries to employees
  • 2 fatalities per year
  • 50% of all reported accidents to members of the public
  • cost to employers £512 million per year
  • cost to health service £133 million per year
  • incalculable human cost
  • Effectively this means that one slip or trip occurs every three minutes!

    Naturally most slips happen in contaminated or wet conditions are often a direct cause of poor housekeeping. Risk assessment should be carried out to identify preventative methods which should include:

  • prevention of contamination
  • management of spillage's and cleaning regimes
  • effective matting systems
  • choice of suitable footwear
  • design of workplace and work activities
  • maintenance of plant and the work environment
  • specification of appropriate flooring
  • housekeeping
  • effective training and supervision
  • FM Restoration are able to supply solutions from Ronacrete including Fast Grip which is suitable for foot traffic, lorries, cars, machines and fork trucks. We also supply and fit the TackTile range which can be fitted in standard or made-to-measure sheets in your required colour, and is ready to use within minutes of being installed.

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