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Buidling Restoration Case Studies: Globe House, Bermondsey
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Historic and Listed Buildings

FM Restoration works on heritage buildings through to grade one listed buildings.

From an architectural perspective it is widely acknowledged these buildings should be cherished, like us, buildings will age and their life can only be prolonged with proper care, treatment and maintenance. We are passionate about these buildings and in keeping their true character and function, therefore, it is all about preservation of the building and making sure we use our professionalism to ensure that the buildings are kept true to form. Our services include:

  • Looking at the historical, architectural, or cultural significance of the building - it may be that partial restoration is carried out - rendering, lime and stucco to make sure the external structure is restored and the interior spaces of the building modified to the clients exact specification and in keeping with the building –Granite and marble
  • Cleaning of the facade using a low pressure heated water to remove dirt but to ensure that the building and soft carvings do not get damaged Facade cleaning
  • Multi disciplinary conservation techniques are used
  • Traditional building skills are deployed.


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