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JOS Cleaning is a patented cleaning process which we actively promote the use of because it is chemical free, gentle, efficient and causes no damage to the substrates surface.

The JOS technique works with a mixture of water (up to 10 gallons per hour), low air pressure and fine inert safe abrasive powder. Together these form a swirling vortex, which when fired onto the contaminated surface, removes the the unwanted elements such as graffiti, certain types of paints, carbon deposits, stubborn dirt and scale from a wide variety of materials from brick to stone, metals, even wood and plaster

A range of JOS nozzles are available for most tasks. The standard nozzle will quickly and efficiently clean most surfaces. A micro nozzle can be used for more detailed work and for the most intricate work there is a JOS Piccolo Nozzle. Whichever nozzle is used, the JOS method produces results far superior to any other cleaning system.

FM Restoration currently use JOS Cleaning on the following:

  • Stone & Brick
  • Concrete
  • Terra cotta
  • Ceramic Tiles & Glass
  • Copper (removal of oxidation and sulphur deposits)
  • Brass (removal of oxidation and sulphur deposits)
  • Bronze (removal of oxidation and sulphur deposits)
  • Aluminum (removal of oxidation and sulphur deposits)
  • TORC

    This is a new nozzle design exhibits a swirling vortex method from the supplier of JOS. The TORC allows for varying sized apertures of nozzle and is even more efficient than the JOS method since it uses less water in the swirling process. This means a lower consumption or granulate and the ability to work drier or dry whilst still maintaining the vortex. Torc nozzles can be retrofitted to an existing JOS strong System.

    Many significant buildings have been given a new lease of life from cleaning using the JOS/TORC systems. These include:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Harrods
  • The Albert Memorial
  • Royal Mews of Windsor Castle
  • St James Palace
  • Empire Bath Hotel
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Oxford Colleges
  • Canterbury Cathedral
  • Stafford Library
  • Salisbury Cathedral
  • Lincoln Cathedral
  • DOFF Cleaning

    DOFF is a natural answer to the removal of oil, grease and bitumen and fully complements the JOS system by using a combination of heat and pressure which can remove unwanted surface pollutants without damaging the underlying surface

    Graffiti Removal

    Our built environment, specifically our inner city and urban areas, are plagued by graffiti. FM Restoration are able to offer a bespoke service for clients who are engaged in contracts which oversee commercial and residential property portfolios. We can also assist large public and private institutions via our dedicated management and labour resource.

    We can carry out cleaning, repair and alteration of internal and external masonry surfaces. Simultaneously, we ensure that busy pedestrian areas are subjected to minimal disruption.

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